Rad Massaker Shirts for Sale

We have about 30 size medium Rad Massaker t-shirts left. If you want one you can stop by BikeNut bike shop in SF where I work and purchase for $10 or click the PayPal link below and buy one shipped to you for $15. If you want to give a little more, we won't stop you. All of the proceeds go to cycles of change and to help us cover the costs of the race - we're still in the whole a little bit.

The shirt looks like this:

I'll also throw in a spoke card and manifest and pin.
spoke card looks like this
pin looks like this

Click on the donate link to buy a t-shirt for $15 and feel free to donate as much as you like:

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  1. how much would i donate, if i wanted to get 2 shirts shipped to europe :)