Rad Massaker Shirts for Sale

We have about 30 size medium Rad Massaker t-shirts left. If you want one you can stop by BikeNut bike shop in SF where I work and purchase for $10 or click the PayPal link below and buy one shipped to you for $15. If you want to give a little more, we won't stop you. All of the proceeds go to cycles of change and to help us cover the costs of the race - we're still in the whole a little bit.

The shirt looks like this:

I'll also throw in a spoke card and manifest and pin.
spoke card looks like this
pin looks like this

Click on the donate link to buy a t-shirt for $15 and feel free to donate as much as you like:

view from the race...



Nemesis Project has donated a one of their sick, sick, sick Triple Triangle frames! They are F A S T bikes.

And once again Hunter Cycles has donated a custom frame build AT COST! Could be one like this:



Kingfish Pub and Cafe donated rad shirts and $100 in KingOftheMountain drink tokens because there might be a hill...

After the BBQ the after party's gonna be at the KingFish - 5227 Claremont Ave
(between Clarke St & Vicente Way)


Four pairs of glasses from GIRO plus hella gloves, shirts, a yellow highly protective bicycle helmet and a jersey for those who prefer spandex or hide it under their 2008 Oakland Scrape tee...


Guess who else came through again? THE HIVE and their CHUB HUBS!! The t-shirts the HIVE kicked down are rather fresh too...

Of course BOX DOG BIKES has come through with a set of Velocity DEEP V rims...

Stickers, more t-shirts, stickers, and tee shirts, patch kits, 7 gallons of vegan chili, burgers, and we even got a pin sponsor. First 150 racers WILL GET A SICK CUSTOM T-SHIRT GUARANTEED TO BE BLOODY...

Two frames also...


Start Time & what you'll need for a day of suffering!
The 2010 Rad Massaker Alleycat is a bicycle race being held on July 11th to raise money for Cycles of Change, a non-profit dedicated to bringing cycling to low income areas of the Bay Area.

Registration- 12:00-1:00
Mosswood Park Oakland CA. MAP
Start Time 1:30
Fee - 10$
Limited # of race shirts for 1st 150?? entries

Good idea to bring these things but not required:

* Water, tube, pump, bars or gels, $$$ for after party BBQ food
* Finish will be by a local Supermarket for Chocolate milk and Cheeseburger fixin's
* All bikes are welcome. Fixed riders will get top honors
* Don't worry geared riders will get their share of prizes and awards
* Please come and do the route with friends, You don't have to race to have a good time!
* It will be long
* There will be hills but not too many
* Bring a map of the east bay that includes Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont, Richmond, Albany...?????