Start Time & what you'll need for a day of suffering!

The 2009 Rad Massaker Alleycat is a bicycle race being held on June 14th to raise money for Cycles of Change, a non-profit dedicated to bringing cycling to low income areas of the Bay Area.

Registration- 12:00-12:55
Mosswood Park Oakland CA. MAP
Start Time 1:00
Fee - 10$
Limited # of race shirts for 1st 200 entries

Good idea to bring these things but not required:

  • Water, tube, pump, bars or gels, $$$ for after party BBQ food
  • Finish will be by a local Supermarket for Chocolate milk and Cheeseburger fixin's
  • All bikes are welcome. Fixed riders will get top honors
  • Don't worry geared riders will get their share of prizes and awards
  • Please come and do the route with friends, You don't have to race to have a good time!
  • It will be long
  • There will be hills but not too many
  • Bring a map of the east bay that includes Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont, Richmond, Albany...