Thank You!

We'd Like to thank every one who helped make this happen. You know who you are if you helped. You rock! Everyone who came and raced and rode for fun thanks. The BBQ was great too . We couldn't of asked for better weather. Were super stoked you liked route. I wanted to make it long but with a great view of the bay and its awesome parks. This was not cheap to do in any way, printing of shirts, handbills, spoke cards, food, manifests all cost money. I covered costs, thank God!

So if you had a good time or you got a prize or food or you're able to, please donate a few more bones to :

Cycles of Change
Donate Using Paypal

Upload and share your pics with us on the Flickr Rad Massaker Photo Pool

RM crew


All I see is blue sky.
Cant wait to see everyone today.
I'll be looking forward to seeing destroyed faces at the finish.

About the name:

I couldn't think of a name for the race so I emailed a friend in Zurich Switzerland
I said hey ONDI what s cool name in German for a very long and hard bike race.
He emailed back with a few choices and came up with Rad-Massaker meaning Bike Massacre in German


Yes we will be holding the Rad Massaker RAIN or SHINE.

So dont let a little rain stop you from having fun.
Its not going to rain anyways!
We have tons of cool prizes from all of this years awesome sponsors.
Tires,Hubs,Helmets,Locks,Bags,Lights,Gloves,Bars,Videos,Socks,Hats,Belts,Blocks,Gels,& A crap ton of t-shirts!
The RM shirts look great & the spoke cards are a smash hit!
See Ya Sunday.

Rad Massaker Photo Pool

Please join the photo pool for the race! Upload your shots from check points, riding, finish & after party!

Were Almost Ready!

The Rad Massaker Alleycat is just a few more days away!
The FINISH is Willard Park in Berkeley.
Please tell friends to join you in the park for the After Party.
We'll be BBQin with a few webbers 4Qin and coolers full of Monster and other assorted drinks.
Please bring chips,meat for the grill,salads,cup cakes or whatever else you'd like to eat after a day on the bike.

About the race:
Its under 50 miles if you don't get lost.
Obey all traffic laws,Its not worth the ticket or a broken leg.
There will be tons and tons of open road to make up time so dont worry.
Have fun!
Wear a helmet please.
See you sunday

Start Time & what you'll need for a day of suffering!

The 2009 Rad Massaker Alleycat is a bicycle race being held on June 14th to raise money for Cycles of Change, a non-profit dedicated to bringing cycling to low income areas of the Bay Area.

Registration- 12:00-12:55
Mosswood Park Oakland CA. MAP
Start Time 1:00
Fee - 10$
Limited # of race shirts for 1st 200 entries

Good idea to bring these things but not required:

  • Water, tube, pump, bars or gels, $$$ for after party BBQ food
  • Finish will be by a local Supermarket for Chocolate milk and Cheeseburger fixin's
  • All bikes are welcome. Fixed riders will get top honors
  • Don't worry geared riders will get their share of prizes and awards
  • Please come and do the route with friends, You don't have to race to have a good time!
  • It will be long
  • There will be hills but not too many
  • Bring a map of the east bay that includes Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont, Richmond, Albany...


Video & Pictures

Here's a few links to some short videos and pictures from a few alleycats Ryan and I have helped throw:

1. Video short from 06
2. Video short from 08

Oakland scrape picture pool on flickr:
Gallery 1

A Little History

Following on the success of the 2006 & 08 Oakland Scrape Alleycat Races (Oakland Scrape Myspace), which raised over $3000 for the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association's Broken Bones Fund, Ryan & I have decided to put together another race, because a. Cycles of Change is a a worthy charity doing great things for the community, and b. last year's race was off the hook!

The Rad-Massaker is an “Alleycat” style race in which participants are given a list of checkpoints spread across the city at the start and must determine the best route on their own as opposed to following a set course. Originated by bike messengers in the 1980's, alleycats are meant to simulate the types of daily challenges they faced on the job.

This year we are seeking sponsors from the cycling community and beyond for donations of either cash, to cover our costs, or product to be given out as awards at the end of the race. All sponsors will have their names prominently featured on a flier which will be placed at bike shops all around the Bay Area. If you provide one, we are also happy to hang a sponsor's banner at the finish area after-party as we did last year. There's a good chance we will produce a limited t-shirt with sponsors on back! Location of this years race is under wraps as is the finish.